This week’s #asiaforlifepodcast is covering stories from the Xinjiang province of China, where hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs are being detained for “re-education”. And ten million more Uyghurs are persecuted in a variety of ways each day, simply because of their ethnicity.
I share two unforgettable testimonies, about prayer and fasting for a mitigation of violence and for lives to be spared in Xinjiang.

Uyghurs are persecuted because of their DNA

At the end of this episode, I share about a time I visited Shenzhen, just a few miles away from Hong Kong. Chinese police walked into a hotel lobby where I was waiting for a friend, and they asked me if I was an Uyghur.
Later, they found the Uyghur man they were looking for. They were confused at first, because he looked like he was Han Chinese. But he was in trouble, simply because he had Uyghur DNA–and Uyghurs can’t stay in hotels.
The persecution that Uyghurs face all over China is truly unbelievable. There might not be much we can do to change the situation, but you can consider talking to your political representative, and ask them if there’s anything they can do. I also encourage you to pray for them, and to identify with them in their suffering.

This episode is actually an introduction to a talk on the prophetic history of the pro-life movement in Hong Kong. Send me a message to hear the full talk.

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Image: In the stock photo for this article, Chinese police are checking hotel registration records.