Watch this beautiful video of the annual March for Life in Japan!

This video is from 2016, and includes brief remarks from Christian Pastor Kenzo Tsujioka (founder of Pro-Life Japan and of the Japan March for Life).

The annual March for Life is an ecumenical event, but is now coordinated mainly by Catholic laity, with some support from Catholic clergy.

Catholic leaders don’t always agree with the Catholic Church’s teachings on abortion or other life issues. But the new Catholic archbishop of Tokyo, Isao Kikuchi, is pro-life, and he recently endorsed the Japan March for Life. (Archbishop Kikuchi is also the president of Caritas Japan, which provides comprehensive social services in Japan.)

The problem is similar among all Christian communities. Generally, those churches that accept the Bible as authoritative believe that abortion is wrong. But there are some pastors who are pro-choice, and many who do not have a clear position, and are not willing to speak about abortion publicly. It is so important for Japanese pastors to speak with clarity and compassion about the evil of abortion and its many social harms. Otherwise, the churches will not be fruitful and multiply, and many people will continue to suffer the consequences of a “culture of death”.

Even if Christians cannot agree about theology or methodology, we owe our respect to all those who are willing to speak up for the rights of the voiceless unborn child.

The 5th Annual Japan March for Life will be held in Tokyo on July 16. See for more info!