A pro-life worker in England shares her heart-breaking experiences in the article “Working with women who want abortions has taught me a lot about life“.

One woman I encountered spent the majority of the consultation sobbing, begging me to tell her boyfriend that she was not eligible for an abortion. She desperately wanted to keep her baby, but he had decided that she wasn’t going to.

Despite being married to someone else, he was in control of her finances, her housing and her visa. She was completely dependent on him and he was physically and emotionally abusive. I told him that she was not eligible for an abortion so he grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the building.

The fact that BPAS performed an abortion on her later the same day is disgusting. In no way was her crisis solved by that abortion. Her child was forcibly removed against her will (even if she signed a consent form) because a man threatened the destruction of her life as she knew it.

Silent complicity with abusive boyfriends is not what feminism has fought for.

The last sentence of her article is also a succinct summary of her work: “Stop the crisis, not the pregnancy.”