Taken from 为什么“儿童节不要堕胎”
Translated by Curtis Wong

When a mom from Shanxi (we’ll call her “Y”) asked us for help, she had just recently divorced her husband, and found out she was pregnant. Her ex-husband was unwilling to take on any responsibility for raising his child. He completely ignored her cries for help, and was unwilling to respond to her situation at all.

Y’s parents and friends, without exception, all advised her to get rid of the child, or to give the child to someone else, so that she wouldn’t risk her chances of being able to re-marry.

During pregnancy, the mother had a lot of changes to her body that led to feeling instability in her emotions, along with all the pressure of her situation. She had to make up her mind about whether to abort, to place for adoption, or to keep the child with her. She can’t remember how many times she cried at the fear of the unknown, and the idea of giving up her child.

Our staff managed to communicate with her through WeChat, and to keep her company throughout the gruelling process. Just a couple days before giving birth, she said that she and her family had finally decided to place the child for adoption. However, a couple days after giving birth, both she and her family said: The child stays!

Later, Y told us, “I’m so glad we didn’t give up.”

(2016年出生的孩子,曾一度面临被杀的危险–A child born
in 2016 who once faced the danger of being killed)
Photo and story from 为什么“儿童节不要堕胎”