Understanding Who We’re Praying For

I want to ask you to pray with me–to cry out–for the men and women who are doing abortions as part of their job in the city of Hong Kong and elsewhere in China.

I once had a dream, where I was in an abortion clinic, and I had to help the doctor with abortions. During that dream, I think I had the same kinds of experiences as anybody who does abortions. It was a mix of positive and negative thoughts, feelings, and justifications regarding my involvement with abortion.

But by the end of the dream, what I experienced doing this job was not pleasant!

And in real life, I believe that this job is not only unpleasant–it is also unnecessary!

The training, skills, and gifts of medical professionals ought to be used to save lives, and to create health solutions that are life-affirming, not life-destroying.

There are hundreds of people in Hong Kong who directly participate in the abortion process in some way. And there are literally millions of people throughout China who help with abortions as part of their job. This includes doctors, nurses, administrative staff, and the many people who advertise for abortion. It also includes the medical waste personnel, and the developers and distributors of abortion equipment and medication. And it also includes the millions of people working or volunteering with the CFPA–the Mainland China affiliate of the International Planned Parenthood Federation.

Sadly, the  idea of “conscientious objection” that many in the West take for granted is not an option for medical professionals in China. Currently, there are very few pro-life OBGYNs.

Prayer Points For People Who Do Abortions In Hong Kong And Mainland China

1. Pray for the social workers at the FPAHK branches, and the staff of the CPFA, who are counselling pregnant women. Pray that they will have a change of heart. Pray that they will find ways to counsel each woman towards choosing life, rather than trying to persuade her to abort.

2. Medical staff are often trained to encourage abortion for any and every possible reason. When there might be a very small chance of a health complication during pregnancy, the first response is to encourage abortion. This is medically unreasonable and morally inhumane, and also results in the abortion of many perfectly healthy babies. And this pro-abortion mentality also keeps Chinese doctors from addressing underlying medical problems. But nurses, doctors, and radiologists have tremendous influence over parents’ decisions. So we really must pray for them!

3. Pray for many medical professionals to have a conversion of heart, to be confronted with the terrible reality of abortion, and to find a way out.