Do you want to do something to end abortion and protect life in East Asia? These are some of the issues you’ll learn about during your internship with Asia for Life:

–The role of the International Planned Parenthood Federation in executing family planning policies throughout East Asia
–the widespread separation of families in China and Southeast Asia
–other social and legal factors that push people towards abortion
–coercive sterilisation and abortion policies
–the ways Christians can defend life

The internship lasts 3 to 9 months, and is unpaid. Fundraising is strongly encouraged, and you will receive personalised coaching and advice during your fundraising process. (It’s important that you not have to worry about financial issues during your internship!)

Depending on an intern’s skill set and availability, living in Hong Kong may not be necessary.

–Decent writing skills
–Great attitude
–Two or more personal references
–Familiarity with the wider pro-life movement (vis-à-vis education, social service, legislation, etc)
–Uphold the Asia for Life Pro-Life Declaration

All applicants will be considered, but preference will be given to those who know Chinese (any dialect), who live in Hong Kong, and/or who have done volunteer work with pro-life organisations.

The goal of Asia for Life is to build a culture of life in East Asia, especially through:

Prayer: Mobilise prayer efforts within local church communities and across denominations.
Education: Create educational initiatives in schools, churches, and through social media, to build understanding of the dignity of life, and awareness of the life and death moral issues that we are facing.
Resources: Channel resources to locally-run pro-life ministries who are saving lives in various regions of East Asia.

Depending on the current needs of Asia for Life, interns will be asked to facilitate or manage projects related to these over-arching goals. This will include editing and optimising online mailings, social media channels, and website content. It may also include fundraising initiatives for pro-life pregnancy resource centres, and collaborating with other pro-life organisations for the Hong Kong March for Life and other pro-life events.

Questions? Email Joe or fill out the contact form.