Below is an interview with an American living in China. He and his wife have seen God work in amazing ways over the years, and they have welcomed and raised many foster children into their home.

He shared one story that was especially beautiful, about how his church responded to a new Christian couple who were considering abortion. Thanks to the church’s support and counsel, they didn’t abort their child. And now, she has graduated from university, and is preparing to be a missionary!

Here is the transcription of this testimony. (For security reasons, some names and locations were changed or deleted.)

D:  This is a long story

J:  Okay, I’ll just put this [recorder) right here.

D:  You want me to start over?

J:  Sure.

D:  Okay. Yesterday I went to visit a teacher named Mr. L. His daughter–she’s 22, and her name is [“Lilly”].

By the way if you’re going to publish this, you should change the name…

I’m taking her to [city] this week for a YWAM DTS [missionary training program].

J:  That’s awesome!

D:  Yeah! Well, here’s the story. Her parents had just gotten married in the 90’s, and they had just gotten to know the Lord. And they found out they were pregnant, and it was unplanned. They wanted to know if they could have an abortion, because that’s what everybody would do. I mean, abortion in China is just off the charts.

And we said, no, you can’t do that, you can’t kill what God has given you. And so I always thought Lilly–she was born
because her parents listened to the Lord, right? So I thought, God must have a special plan for this kid.

Her parents are both teachers. And the teachers in the schools there have a lot of responsibilities on Sunday most of the time.

J:  You mean, at the school?

D:  Right, they have to be at the school on Sundays. Chinese schools always schedule things on Sunday, I think to try to keep people from getting involved in Western religion. Kids there have to stay at the school from Sunday afternoon to Friday afternoon, from 7th grade on up. They don’t even let them go home. They want to indoctrinate.

J:  Most people actually live at the school?

D:  Most of the kids, yeah, and on the weekends they go home.

So her parents were teachers, and they didn’t have the chance to go to church much. They would come to our meetings sometimes, but rarely. And I was always kind of frustrated about that, and I felt like they didn’t have much spiritual hunger. But they did two things that were really decisive in my mind. One was that they didn’t kill their baby.

The other was that after they had Lilly, they had to move into married housing. They were living in separate housing most of the time, in the teachers’ dormitories.

J:  Even though they were married.

D:  Even though they were married, right, because that’s what was available. But then when they had a kid, they needed to move into the married housing. There were two places that were available. And one of them was too small for them. And the other one–two people had died in that apartment in the past few years.

Chinese people are very strong believers in good or bad luck. And so all their friends said don’t move into that place, it’s an unlucky place. They came and asked us “What should we do?” And I said, “Move in. Your God is with you. You don’t believe in that stuff. Don’t believe in that bad luck, good luck. There’s no good luck. God is with us. We don’t worry about that.” So they moved in. They did those two things that were very, in my mind, it was very decisive that they were really trusting in the Lord.

Well then even though they didn’t come to meetings, when we would meet together, we would talk about the Lord. They didn’t have much deep understanding and they didn’t actually read the Bible much either, but they had a faith for sure. Anyway, so Lilly just graduated from university. About a year ago–I mean just like this month or last month, just recently–she graduated. So about a year ago I suggested to her when you finish school, you ought to think about going into YWAM because it’s very good.

J:  Did you do YWAM?

D:  Yeah, I did a DTS in 1984.

J:  Oh Wow. So I was born in 1984.

D:  Okay, so I was 30 years old in 1984.

J:  Oh Wow.

D:  I’m 30 plus whatever you are.

J:  Wow.

D:  Anyway.

J:  She finished university and then she considered?

D:  Then she came to me about Chinese New Year, which is like February this year she came with her mom to our house, in where we are in China, because her parents are from that area. I actually met her [in Guangdong], but she’s from that area [in China], same as my wife.

J:  Okay.

D:  Anyway, she said, “I know I would like to go to YWAM.”

But, I wanted to know for sure. We had had another girl–I took her to YWAM and she backed out and she didn’t want to go. After going through that…I wasn’t really sure about her motive at first, that [previous] girl. So I wanted to say, okay, from now on, I’ll always make sure that they really want to go, and they really want to follow the Lord.

J:  You didn’t want a “study abroad” opportunity.

D:  Exactly, exactly, that was it. I made it clear to her. I said, “You need to know one thing is you’re really learning to follow the Lord in this school. It’s not just the opportunity for you to learn English, which you will have. But the main thing is following the Lord, and learning to listen to him and getting his vision for what life is all about.” I said, “Think about it for a few days and then come and tell me what you think.” Then after a few days later, she came back and she said, well, “I’ve decided I want to learn to follow God.”  I said, “Well that’s great.” I started the application process, we got her application sent in. They accepted her, and sent the information about the beginning. What she would do, what clothing, what items to bring and so forth. I went to her place to discuss that with her, and as soon as I sat down and her dad said, “She has this opportunity for a great job and we can’t pass it up.”

He says, “She’s got to take this job because it’s a really good job. It’s not too difficult and the salary is good. It’s a government job, da, da, da.” I said, “This sounds like the classic thing the Satan does when people that God has called are starting to follow what God wants, he will give him a great opportunity in the world.” I mean, I’ve heard this kind of testimony many times, and then he said, “Well, we thought it was God giving it to her.” I said, “Well, it’s because you’re very immature, because immature Christians are always focused on their own benefit, me and what.” But I say, “As you grow up, God wants you to get a focus of what he wants, what’s on his heart.” And he agreed and he was nice and everything, but he was very…

J:  Did you pray together with them and discern it?

D:  Discern what?

J:  Discern whether this is really what God is saying, to go or not to go?

D:  I had prayed. Well–they had already made a commitment.

J:  Oh they had. Okay.

D:  They had already made a commitment that she was going to go.

J:  So they had prayed, and she had prayed.

D:  I had prayed about it and we had prayed together about it before.

But she’d already signed her application form and sent in, and she’d already said she was going, and her parents had said she was going. It’s a good thing and considering her background and everything, the background of her birth. To me it was a no-brainer that God’s call is on her life. Plus, she’d had time to think about it. She’d come back and said she would do it, but I knew it was her parents putting pressure on her [not] to do it. Her parents were the ones that told her that she needed to take the job.

Anyway, that doesn’t matter now, it’s all water under the bridge. Well, after we had our little discussion, I wasn’t upset outwardly. I was upset inside, but I just said, “Well, they don’t understand.” Their mind is focused on worldly things, and they think like that. Well, we prayed actually. I just asked God to bless him, but on the way out I said, “God make it…” Haha… “Destroy it in the name of Jesus!” Haha…that’s what I was thinking. But I just said, “Oh, well…” I felt kind of discouraged about it.

Then, about a week ago or so, her dad sent me a message and he says, “That job, she had an offer that turned out to be a scam.”

J:  Oh gosh.

D:  “Can she still go to YWAM?” [The dad asked him.]

J:  Oh gosh.

D:  I said I already cancelled her application. I’d already explained everything to the director.

J:  Oh gosh.

D:  Then he said, “Well, I’m really putting you in a bind.” He said, “I’m really putting you in a bind to ask you to apply again.” Then we were messaging back and forth. And I said, “It’s not that I’m in a bind, I don’t mind that at all, but the problem is that you said you were going to do something and then you said you weren’t going to do something.” And he said, “Yes, I lost your trust.” He got it right. I didn’t say that, but he said that. So I was very happy about that. Then I said, “Well, I’m happy to apply again, but don’t do this again.”

I said, “If you say you’re going to go, then keep your word that she’s going to go, okay?” Then he waited a few hours, and then he sent me a message back and he says, “We have discussed it as a family and she is going to go and we will not back out.” I said “Okay, good. I will ask again if she can come.” So I sent a letter to the director and he was very happy that she can come. I’m going to take her.

J:  You’re going to fly with her from […]?

D:  I’m going to go with her because she’s a single girl from China, from a small town and she’s not a brave girl, and going to another country…she’s never done that. Somebody should go with her. I’m happy [to go, and] I’ll be able to see some people.

J:  Oh yeah, people you know in [country].

D:  Well not too much, but anyway, I’ll be able to see the people at the YWAM base. I’ve been there before and maybe some other people.

J:  Is it near the capital?

D:  It’s a suburb…

J:  That’d be cool. The only people I know there are basically Catholic pro-life leaders.

D:  Oh great.

J:  [Discussing info about the location]

D:  That’s neat. Yeah, Roman Catholics are really pro-life mostly.

J:  If they’re devout, typically. Yeah.

D:  But anyway, I’m so happy because I really believe that God’s going to do something in Lilly’s life, because she was born because her parents listened to the Lord. That kind of situation, God has a right in the kid’s life, you know what I’m saying? That’s the testimony.

J:  Wow. This all took place last week?

D:  Not the whole thing, but yeah.

J:  The second part.

D:  Yeah, just about the last week.

J:  I remember hearing the other part.

D:  Yeah, you remember when she backed out. I was pretty discouraged.

J:  Well, they decided to not abort. Did they have some experience related to that? They prayed, did they just had a feeling that they should do the right thing?

D:  They just listened to us, that’s basically it.

J:  Okay, it was good counsel from the church. Did they get any backlash from their family or other things?

D:  That’s a good question. I don’t think so.

J:  Okay. Well good.

D:  I don’t think they did.

J:  Wow awesome. Praise God. Yeah, I’m going to put this on the blog,

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