Father’s Day is a time to celebrate! There are so many things to be grateful for in life, and the gift of fatherhood is one of the greatest.

But there are also fathers whose children were never born. We should respect them and respect the reality of their loss.

This is a beautiful tribute to those who have experienced pregnancy loss. These women and men are amazing mothers and fathers, and their children were loved while they were on Earth–even though they never got to see each other in person.

Enjoy this video. And to all fathers–Happy Father’s Day!

【也是爸媽 #上集】謝謝你,孩子。

【也是爸媽 #上集】21位父母 ╳ 張超雄 ╳ 譚文豪明日是父親節,但有些父母卻默默地感傷。香港法例沒有把 24周以下流產胎兒遺骸納入「人體遺骸」的定義中,失去親骨肉的父母,不但難以領回自己的孩子,領回後,因為法例所限,不能與24周以上的流產嬰待遇睇齊,不能火化或在政府墳場安息。《僱傭條例》與醫學界對流產的定義落差,令同樣痛失子女的父母,得不到應有的支援。BB無論是幾多周、幾多日、幾多歲,爸爸媽媽這個身份就是幾多歲。對生命的尊重,是所有文明的基本。無論醫護、社工、整個勞工制度,都需要為他們走多一步。───────譚文豪:讓流產嬰善終 https://tinyurl.com/y96uh8jqThis coming Sunday is Father’s Day in Hong Kong, but for some parents who have suffered a miscarriage, this day can be filled with grief.Miscarriage is a terrible and often lonely experience for any parent to experience, but on top of that, Hong Kong's current legislation does not allow many families to find closure for their grief.Under Hong Kong law, “foetal remains” are defined as a 24-week pregnancy or more; anything below this is not considered as “human remains”. This means that parents who experience a miscarriage loss under 24 weeks cannot arrange funerals under public service.This is unlike other jurisdictions, where parents can, under public services, make their choice to burial for their child regardless of the duration of pregnancy. Counselling support for bereaved parents in the community or within the medical sector is also seriously insufficient. For many parents, bonding with their baby begins much earlier than 24 weeks. They deserve to be able to say find dignified closure for their loss in the way they wish. Hong Kong is yet to reform its laws but we believe this can and should be changed.The right to make a choice to honor dignity in the grieving process is the foundation of all civilizations. The medical sector, social workers, employers and society should go an extra mile for them.

Posted by 譚文豪 Jeremy Tam on Friday, June 15, 2018