This #asiaforlifepodcast is a conversation with the Hong Kong couple Priscilla and Aquila. They met while working together to spread the Gospel to Chinese tourists. After getting married, they have also helped to build the Father School in Hong Kong and elsewhere.

LISTEN: Priscilla and Aquila—On Marriage, Ministry, and the Father School


For over 10 years, Priscilla and Aquila’s ministry has reached out to tourists from China and around the world, who visit Hong Kong and Macau for vacation. By offering “blessing bags” and initiating conversations, they have reached out to literally millions of people with the Gospel message.

But in this episode, we focus more on their personal story. It was a joy to talk with them about the story behind their marriage, and how God has worked through their marriage to bless their families, and also to bless the nations. Priscilla and Aquila are preparing to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary.

They also share their work with the Father School, to help men become better fathers.

Organizations mentioned in this podcast episode:

香港爸爸學校 (Hong Kong Father School)

China Tourist Ministry (蒙福之旅福音事工)