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Youth Pro-Life Education Initiative

I recently did my first talk, at a Caritas school in Tuen Mun (明愛屯門馬登基金中學). It was a class of eight Form 1 male students, all from the Middle East, from Catholic, Christian, and Muslim backgrounds.

The school’s social worker said that she had never seen the class so interested and engaged in a visiting speaker’s talk before. Thanks be to God!

I’m looking for more opportunities like this. Please help me to connect with a teacher or youth leader you know in Hong Kong, who is interested in pro-life or related topics. See for more info.

Do you know anyone who might be interested? Please contact me if you think of someone I should discuss this with!


Last year, I wrote about Esther’s situation, and many people responded to calls to pray for her to be adopted, and I know several people seriously considered adopting her. Although I still have never met Esther in person, my close friends in China were so grateful for the prayer and support they received in advocating her case. Because of the response from some different people, her adoption process was not terminated, and she was finally able to go to a “forever family”. So, thank you for praying!

The new parents are so happy. I don’t have recent photos, but I am so grateful that her process is finally complete. Praise God!

Prayer Requests!

  1. For the family I mentioned in my previous update. I’m so sad to say that the couple we were praying for aborted their pregnancy. There were many people praying for them, and there were also people willing to support them. The parents saw the ultrasound, and knew the child’s heart was beating. They were aware of the gravity of their decision. Tragically, this child didn’t fit with their plans.
    It breaks my heart that they did this, especially because I respect them. And, I know that they are beautiful and generous in many ways. It also breaks my heart that it happened so close to Mother’s Day. But the saddest part was to see that the father was not willing to support his wife and care for this child.
    Please pray for this couple, and especially for the mother as she grieves.
  2. For content development. For grace to write and produce material that will strengthen churches with the pro-life message.
  3. For funding. Since I moved to Hong Kong in June 2012, I have had many financial testimonies. But every month is a challenge.
    I plan to expand resource development, but need a solid financial base to move forward. Please pray for more people who can partner financially with the ministry of Asia for Life.

40 Days for Life

Plans are being made for a 40 Days for Life campaign this Fall, in conjunction with hundreds of cities around the world. You should hear more information soon!

Note: After long consideration, I decided not to lead this campaign. But I will continue to give my full support to the next campaign as a team member. (And if you are willing to join the team, let me know.)

That’s all for now. If you have questions about how to pray, give, or support in some other way–or if you simply want to chat and catch up–feel free to contact me!

Joe Woodard
Asia for Life