Taken from 为什么“儿童节不要堕胎”
Translated by Curtis Wong

When we were notified on QQ about this mum (we’ll call her “X”), she wasn’t married yet. Although the man she was seeing wanted to tie the knot, Mum X wasn’t ready to devote her life to him.

In a short period of time, we discovered that the couple’s relationship was anything but stable. We told her “this is your child, too.” But she insisted: “I don’t want to give birth to a child for him.”

We had one of our volunteer workers get in touch with X, but communications broke down and she never got back to us.

As one could guess, she did not give birth to the child.

We expected this woman to act the same as many other single mothers–to just disappear into the ocean and never resurface. But a year later, she got in touch with the same volunteer worker again, and they met up.

She told us she got married (to a different man), and gave birth to a baby. While thinking about the previous child that she’d gotten rid of, she had a feeling of immense regret.

But she couldn’t thank this volunteer worker enough for her display of love and affection, and she shared with us about the joy of her new life.

In the past few years, many mothers have thought about giving up during their pregnancy. And many have given up. But for the mothers who persevered to the end, and are now watching their children kick and play–not one of them regrets it.

“X” with her baby
Photo and story from 为什么“儿童节不要堕胎”