I was introduced to a man (I’ll call him “John”) who was passing through Hong Kong. After some small talk, he mentioned that his daughter had been adopted from Hong Kong over 20 years ago. So I asked him to share the story.

He flew in from America to complete all the paperwork for the adoption. His wife wasn’t able to be there to pick up their daughter. Unfortunately, John had to finish the process by himself. No small task! But finally, everything was finished, and he was ready to bring his daughter home.

But his daughter wasn’t ready. Every time he tried to hold her, she cried uncontrollably. After a few days of this, it got to the point where every time she saw him, she started crying uncontrollably.

Time was running out before his return flight to America. He didn’t know what to do. He kept trying, kept praying, and kept doing everything he knew to make her trust him.

John was getting desperate. Finally, while he was holding her and she was screaming at him, he cried out: “Jesus, help me!”

His daughter stopped crying. They bonded. And John took his daughter home to America, to meet her new mother and family.

After John finished the story, he mentioned that his daughter had grown up with a disability–she was missing an arm. And during the adoption process, he was told that she was “severely retarded”. But she wasn’t.

John said, “She just finished nursing school last month. She was the valedictorian.”